Global Scale Central IP Management Solution (VMS)


Access and manage unlimited IP video resources from anywhere in the world. VideoSpider is a powerful Video Management Software (VMS), structured with a multi-level authentication process, enables interactive live monitoring of an unlimited number of cameras, alarm sensors, and relays from anywhere at any time.

In Brief:
  • Convenient and flexible real-time video monitoring
  • Distinctive role separation between servers and clients
  • Extensive possibilities for client-server interaction
  • Various ways to handle external devices and events
  • Network Surveillance with remote access control
Target Applications
Target Applications:
  • Multi-channel remote video surveillance of sensitive areas and sites:  airports, banks, harbors, railway stations, subways, traffic control systems, military facilities, intelligence agencies, correctional facilities, field development control centers, power plants, and other manufacturing and power enterprises.
  • Network-based distributed video security system for office/building:  corporate facilities; casinos; cultural, public-service, and state institutions;  educational centers
  • Digital alternative to analog time-lapse video recorders:  bonded warehouses, depositories, depots, department stores, convenience stores, and many more.