Access and manage unlimited IP video resources from anywhere in the world.

Spider is a powerful Video Management Software (VMS), structured with a multi-level authentication process, enables interactive live monitoring of an unlimited number of cameras, alarm sensors, and relays from anywhere at any time.

The Spider system can simultaneously stream, store and playback video at up to 30 frames per second for NTSC video per channel. Recorded video data is stored to a local hard drive or remote network storage. Powerful management and viewing features provide immediate access to the stored video data.

Adding hereto software support boasting amazingly rich and versatile features, Motion and Static Detection with sensitivity and map adjustment, PTZ control, Alarm Sensors and Relay lines, along with sophisticated programmed Alarm Handling, and Event-based Recording to complete Spider surveillance monitoring system you will find that it rivals with dignity systems costing much more. For those who need flexibility, expandability, security and ease-of-use from their live-video monitoring systems, Spider offers outstanding value.

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Powerful Surveillance System

  • Expandable server-client architecture
  • Powerful interactive live monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited number of cameras, servers, clients
  • Unlimited number of location
  • Unlimited number of alarm sensors and relays with sophisticated handling rules
  • Multi-level management and control from any location

Reliable Performance

  • Proven in mission critical environments
  • Install and forget
  • Product maintenance

Highest Video Quality and the Most Efficient Storage

  • Intelligent video processing before compression
  • Specially optimized H.264/MPEG4 compressions fine-tuned for surveillance video
  • Wide variety of recording modes to local or remote storage devices
  • Full D1 video with total frame rate 25/30 fps
  • DVD-Quality Recording (up to 720x576 per channel)
  • Industry-Level Frame Rate (up to 480 fps per system)
  • Simultaneous Video Monitoring, Storage and Playback
  • Up to 36 adjustable display windows on Client stations
  • High quality video display on large screen

State-of-the-Art Technology and Functionality

  • Motion and static detection with map and sensitivity adjustments
  • Simultaneous remote playback and multiple search functions
  • Advanced large-scale area/facility monitoring using real time 3D model animation

OEM Support

  • Sp4XX Devices and SP416 SDK allow third party software developers using Darim hardware solutions as input source
  • Limitless integration possibilities
  • Spider ActiveX SDK 
  • Spider Export SDK 
  • PTZ/Alarm plug-in (PTZA) SDK
  • Spider File Storage (SPFS) SDK

Global Scale Central IP Video Management Software (VMS)

Access and manage unlimited IP video resources from anywhere in the world. Our powerful Video Management Software (VMS), structured with a multi-level authentication process, enables interactive live monitoring of an unlimited number of cameras, alarm sensors, and relays from anywhere at any time.

Video Monitoring

Monitoring enterprise IP videos requires not only accessing and managing multiple Network Video Recorders but also multiple WAN servers. Designed with scalability and easy yet secure accessibility in mind, Darim's modular type of embedded IP network video servers and WAN servers installed on-site are controlled and viewed in real time with great flexibility.

  • Simultaneous real-time WYSIWYG previewing and recording of all active or selected video channels

  • Multiple video viewing panes on the screen (up to 32)

  • Optional dual monitor support for increased viewing convenience (up to 32 panes)

  • Auto-resize and H/V scroll functions for easier monitoring on lower resolution displays

  • Automatic or on-demand channel switching in any viewing pane

  • User-definable channel (camera) name, date/time and status information in every pane

  • Intuitive on-screen Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) controls (if controller is available)

  • Digital zoom providing up to 20x magnification of selected area in the video

  • Selected video channel(s) can be viewed on TV screen (via optional decoder card)

  • Real-time export of any video channel into ISO-standard JPEG sequence, MJPEG, AVI, QuickTime files

  • Video freeze and save snapshot functions for printing/archiving of important stills

  • Localized versions of GUI are available for many languages of the world

  • Additional visual meta data (in EMF format) may be streamed with the video content and displayed on a video pane of the client side


Recording and Storing Video

The management software can stream, store, and playback video at up to 30 frames per second for NTSC video per channel. Recorded video data is stored to a local hard drive or remote network storage. Powerful management and viewing features provide immediate access to the stored video data.

The solution is applied with advanced compression technology for networked video surveillance, thus optimized for streaming over IP.


Low-latency video/audio dats compression and storage

  • Real-time multi-channel H.264/MPEG4 video encoding specially optimized for surveillance task

  • Several audio digitizing hardware choices and compression formats are available

  • Each audio channel may be independently assigned to any video channel

  • Flexible compressed video data rate (bit rate) and quality control for each channel

  • Adjustable data storage rate (from 10 to 1500 MB/hour per channel)

  • Automatic archiving of old video for data storage optimization

  • Selectable continuous or event-triggered recording modes for each channel

  • Time-lapse recording mode for compatibility with legacy analog systems

  • User-specified pre-alarm and post-alarm recording duration

  • Real time automatic data indexing for fast random access during the playback

  • Built-in recording scheduler, segment slicing, and least-recently-used file overwriting

  • Fail-safe switching to a reserve/additional storage if the main location is full

  • Automatically resumes recording on AC power loss

  • Complete support of remote storage servers


Simultaneous remote playback while recording without interruption.

  • Random access index provides virtually instantaneous and accurate admission to desired video segment
  • Fast, slow, and frame-by-frame forward and reverse playback modes
  • Audio can be enabled or muted during playback
  • Backward and frame-by-frame MPEG playback from the remote storage locationClient support for simultaneous LIVE preview of multiple media types at the same time


Searching Video Data

Search recorded video data by date, time, and motion information, or navigate by alarm events. Multiple search functions streamline the process of evidence handling.

Diagnosing System Status

The health status check of individual systems is monitored and viewed in thumbnails. This ensures and updates the functional status of modular units installed in the networked area.


The management program allows users to add, remove, or configure system settings and resources on LAN and WAN servers. Through an authentication process, each user is given a different security level for remote access. There is no limitation on the number of servers and clients connected to the system.

  • Unauthorized access is prevented by native Windows security
  • Supervisor - and user - access levels available
  • Flexible permissions control for every individual camera (view, modify) or action (recording control playback, alarm reset)

Alarm & Sensors

There are various ways to handle external devices and events.

  • Video motion and static detection with sensitivity level and up to 4 zones map adjustment for any type of cameras
  • PTZ interface to wide range of supported camera models via RS232/422/485 interface
  • Alarm events can be triggered by any of up to 32 external sensors
  • Pre-programmed or manual activation of up to 16 external relay switches
  • Sophisticated alarm handling software can start/stop the recording process, enable or disable motion and static detection, produce an on-screen warning text and/or beep, bring up a video camera display window to change a quality and/or frame rate setting for any video channel
  • Optional Spider Event Notification Server (SpENSer TM) further improves alarm and abnormal situation handling capabilities. It is capable of sending e-mail and SMS messages, activating external devices, controling PTZ cameras, etc.
  • Export of Live and Storage video content into various multimedia .avi (.asf) files (DivX, MJPEG, QuickTime) and TV output

The solution is applied with advanced compression technology for networked video surveillance, thus optimized for streaming over IP.



The solution is designed to maximize convenience in controlling individual video channel parameters and viewing window panes.

  • Independent motion and static detection with selectable threshold and zone map

  • Independent video brightness and contrast control

  • Independent quality and priority (frame rate) adjustment

  • Optional on-screen pan/tilt/zoom/focus control and alarm status display

  • Configurable tool bar for quick on-screen access to most common controls


Integration Support

Our product lines in conjunction with SDKs are suitable for a wide range of applications and projects.

  • Flexible component integration with a range of modular SDKs
  • Boundless expandable web application
  • Modular SDKs available for special OEM/SI tasks
  • Reliable Video Management Software

SDK for Integration & OEM support

Software Development Kit (SDK) and special tools for 3rd party integration are available for integrators and OEM partners to provide full flexibility over creating user-customized applications.

  • Software integration- SDK based on Darim's hardware input sources
  • Limitless integration possibilities
  • Spider ActiveX SDK
  • Spider Export SDK
  • PTZ/Alarm plug-in (PTZA) SDK
  • Spider File Storage (SPFS) SDK

For OEM Partners

Darim's significant manufacturing capabilities and broad application experience gives us a unique ability to tailor hardware solutions to satisfy demanding application requirements. Darim has developed custom hardware solutions for customers that have provided solutions for military, marine, traffic, public safety, process monitoring, and other applications.

Darim is also enabling its customers to incorporate the OEM products into a large number of products and market segments. VideoSpider OEM products are successfully utilized by third parties for developing products for the video surveillance and security market.

If you are interested in providing VideoSpider encoding cards, standalone multic-channel encoders and servers, and accessories to your customers on OEM basis, please contact or the regional office for more information.

Spider Software Development Kits (SDK)

To support OEM customers with programming experience, detailed SDKs are provided with guidance and examples on how to access, use, customize, and develop user-customized applications.

The latest SDK packages include:

Spider ActiveX SDK -- allows customers to create their own simple and sophisticated client software in fast and simple way for VideoSpider. The supplied documentation and samples VB, C#, C++ code illustrate remote camera control, live video monitoring, video storage management, playback of recorded video data and many other tasks commonly performed by client-side software in VideoSpider.

Spider Export SDK -- provides programmers with ability to obtain data directly from the VideoSpider Core service on the server side or SpiderClient software on the client in order to convert it into any desired format for later displaying, processing, sharing, etc.

PTZ/Alarm plug-in (PTZA) SDK -- enables SI/VAR customers to add support for their own PTZ controllers as well as Alarm sensor/Relay output interface modules. The goal of this SDK is to create a variety of custom plug-in modules for custom hardware connected to VideoSpider servers.

Spider File Storage (SPFS) SDK -- assists software developers in parsing the proprietary SpiderFile Storage (.SPFS) file format and the index file (.INFO) associated with it. This maybe required for the offline storage analysis, statistics, data extraction, conversion to different formats, etc.

Each of the SDK packages comes as a self-extracting ZIP archive containing all necessary documentation, C++ headers, sample C++ code and ready-to-compile project files for MicrosoftVisual Studio IDE. All of the above SDKs are available for self-study and evaluation at no additional cost.

SDK components for MPEG4 Encoding cards and Accessories Hardware


iSP4xx devices and SP416 SDK -- the libraries for interaction with the devices drivers set in the system; provide the user with uniform interface for using and controlling these encoding cards and devices.

Web-based video monitoring software (optional)

Since introduction of the iSpider.NEToption to the VideoSpider line of servers, the VideoSpider users have obtained a new opportunity to access their server systems through the Internet directly from the Internet Explorer web browser without any need to install and configure the Spider Client software. If you need to modify any of the pages provided by the iSpider.NET (for example, to perform localization into your languages), please refer to the users documentation provided with iSpider.NET installation package. The documentation explains the existing structure of the iSpider.NET default web site and lists all files which may be changed and replaced by users. Alternatively, OEM/SI customers may choose to develop their own Internet-enabled application software that would interact with iSpider.NET server via specially formed URL and HTTP protocol. Such an application would have to process the incoming control and image data in a fashion similar to the Internet Explorer and display result to the user.