About IP Cameras

IP Cameras - Future of Video Surveillance

IP cameras are widely seen as the future of video surveillance. IP cameras are known by many different names such as IP camera, network camera, IP network camera, Internet camera, network webcam, and so on but they all refer to the same item. IP cameras are CCTV cameras that utilize Internet Protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a Fast Ethernet link. Unlike traditional analog security cameras that require a dedicated cable to connect the camera to video management systems, IP cameras can connect to standard computer networks, allowing dozens of IP cameras to be transmitted over the same cable to any location with Internet access and sufficient bandwidth.

The IP camera is a standalone network device which can operate without the support of a PC. IP cameras come with a wide variety of features such as fixed lenses, pan-tilt-zoom control, indoor or outdoor use, 2-way audio, infrared illumination, intelligent video analytics, etc.

Flexible and powerful, IP video provides many advanced features not found in traditional analog CCTV systems making it ideal for video surveillance, monitoring and recording. Examples of advanced features include remote access from anywhere in the world, motion/audio detection, object detection, people counting, image upload by FTP, alarm notifications by email or SMS text messaging, true digital recording to dedicated recording devices or to hard disks on local PCs or across the Internet, and many more features which enhances the level of protection you can offer to secure your business and private assets.

IP cameras applications include security, health & safety, retail marketing, remote management of construction projects, web attraction for leisure and tourism industries or keeping an eye on loved ones or pets.

Keeping up with the technologies Darim introduces two directions of IP cameras to meet today and tomorrow market requirements: portable wireless cameras (PVE400/ PVE400M/ PVE400E) and stationary network camera (SPT100, SPC100).