SD & HD (720p) H.264 IP camera with PoE

SPC100 is a superior quality High Definition H.264/MJPEG IP camera. This HD IP camera is ideal for situations where high-resolution images and greater detail are required. It is perfect for airports, casinos, retail, passport control as well as personal home use such as entry inspection and "nanny cam".

With its built-in web server, the SPC100 enables viewing, access and camera control via local or wide-area networks as well as any internet connection.

The SPC100 features best-in-class video quality and performance with dual H.264 live video streams or simultaneous H.264 and Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) streams. This robustness enables local viewing and storage of HD video, while simultaneous streaming of lower resolution for remote viewing from a mobile phone or slow internet connection.

It's PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability lets you easily install the camera in locations that do not have nearby power outlets, so you can monitor restaurants, retail chains, factories, apartment elevator entrances and many other desired locations at anytime, from any place.

  • High resolution
  • PSIA compliant
  • Small size
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Dual Streams Capability

The SPC100 is equipped with dual H.264 live video streams or simultaneous H.264/Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) streams capability.

Superb Image Quality

SPC100 complies with the SMPTE HDTV standards in resolution, color representation, and frame rate. The camera delivers 720P resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio in full frame rate 30.

Camera Control

The SPC100 can be monitored and controlled via its own built-in web interface, as well as using Darim's VideoSpider™ VMS as well any other 3rd party Video Management Software solutions including Milestone XProtect™ via PSIA compatible interface.

Storing and Recording Data

Video data can be stored on a remote storage using Darim’s VideoSpider™ Video Management Software (VMS). This possibility is very useful for stores or any other places, as it allows for more detailed monitoring of customer behavior, and of employee attitudes towards customers, information that cannot be obtained from still images alone. PSIA compatible for easy integration with various 3rd party IP Video Management Software solutions including Milestone XProtect™.

User Account and Password Protection

User names and passwords can be assigned to allow several access levels. The administrator has complete access/control of the cameras, while the other levels of access can be set to limit user privileges to functions.

PoE - Easy Installation Anywhere

The PoE function supplies power through an Ethernet cable. The SPC100 camera can be installed very easily anywhere, as the additional work for the power outlet is not required.